Writing Correction Service

This service is dedicated to providing advice and assistance at every stage of the writing process. By correcting many of IELTS Writing Tasks, I’ve gotten enough experience to foresee my students approximate score.

The students who have received disappointing IELTS writing results in previous attempts and didn't know why they got such a low score or others who couldn't afford to fail the IELTS test (it's expensive!) can come to me for consultation before taking the official IELTS exam. 

Writing Correction: $15/Essay (250 words) or Task1 (150 words)

For my students, it is FREE of charge. 

IELTS Mock Exam

Did you know my students know their IELTS score before taking the official exam?

No surprise! They participate in Free IELTS Mock Exam in which they can test themselves under timed conditions. The score they get in this exam would be roughly close to the score in the official exam. So, they do NOT need to pay almost 350$ to assess their chance. You can also contact me for the next Mock Exam.

Ample IELTS Materials

Having in mind the famous saying “Practice makes perfect”, I've curated a wealth of practice materials for my students. If you're committed to excelling in your exam, dedicated practice is essential. Feel free to explore our "Improve Your Skills" section and choose your preferred e-book.

Good luck,

IELTS for Canadian Citizenship

If you're pursuing Canadian citizenship and require IELTS for your application, consider a consultation with me before your official IELTS exam.

This tailored service provides a 30-minute, face-to-face session focusing on Listening and Speaking skills.

To schedule an appointment, please navigate to the Menu, select the "Make Appointment" section, and choose "Trial Session."

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